Kathmandu Shrine

Dorje and Stupa shrine in front of Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

When in Nepal in 1997, I visited many shrines and temples that were visible in old town centers. This shrine is composed of a Dorje and Stupa protected by an ornate canopy. Some of you are familiar with Buddhist symbols, but for those who aren’t, the Dorje represents a thunderbolt – symbolizing the male spirit. It is held in one hand, and a bell in the other, while meditating and praying.

The Stupa holds the relic of a saint or Buddha. Shrines and temples are everywhere in the old city for worshipers’ use. Although some of these sacred structures were damaged during the severe 2015 earthquake, many have been restored due to international support in light of their status as World Heritage Sites.

This mandala was created from the above photo. At each of the inter-cardinal points (the corners) the hexagram LI (number 30 in the I Ching) is visible. Within it you can see a strait line, a broken line, and strait line, representing the trigram Fire, which is the symbol for energy and freedom.

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