Nature Mandalas – Digital Alchemy

Using select images taken from his world travels, David has digitally created luminous mandalas, widely appreciated for their sheer beauty and for their use as tools of meditation. In this 154 page full-color book, the author shares his original photos alongside mandalas created from them, and also includes a guide that enables the reader to create their own nature mandalas through a process he calls ‘Digital Alchemy.’

Here’s a flip-through view of Nature Mandalas – Digital Alchemy!

Nature Mandalas – Digital Alchemy

Buy Nature Mandalas directly from the Artist! The book is full-color, 8.5 x 11″, with 154 pages.


Published in 2021 by Dreaming Earth Press, this book is a treasure and was created with support from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Dreaming Earth Press
Regional Arts & Culture Council
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